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advocate of the earth - Ariel
physical needs
heal the animals and the environment
relate the physical to the emotional
living elements in harmony
authentic and natural

If all human beings are perceived as part of this earth, as beings of nature and equally respectful and attentive to the plants and animals, the healing work of ARIEL would be achieved. The start of healing exists internally in all human beings.
An opportunity to begin is to consider carefully the true needs of the body and follow them with care: What have I eaten today? Have I perceived taste consciously? Have I been thankful for the food? Have I blessed the food? How has it affected my body? Or: How much sleep do I really need? Was I forced to wake up? Why? Ariel has a strong feminine energy and its company is very useful when shopping. Whether it is food, clothing or furniture that is on the shopping list, Ariel helps find contamination-free goods, produced with respect to the environment and sold in the area of fair trade.
Ariel can be found in every apple, every carrot and every margarita. It appears as an "advo-cate" of animals, plants and earth with all its riches. With this feature it helps all human beings become conscious of the consequences of their actions.

ACHTUNG!!! Jeder Anhänger ist ein absolutes Unikat und weicht daher auf jeden Fall von dem Produktfoto in der Form ab! Außer der Flügel, (die immer dem Foto entsprechen) verwenden wir unterschiedlichste Perlen in den passenden Farben.
Gerne nehmen wir mögliche Wünsche mit der Bestellung entgegen.
Klappkarte (ca. 150 x 150 mm) mit passendem Umschlag (ca. 160 x 160 mm). Engelanhänger mit Baumwollband und Zusatzband zum Wechseln.

Though the beads, metal-parts and ribbons are carefully chosen, energy-full and hand crafted with love, the durability cannot be
 guaranteed. Legally, it should be pointed out that pendants are not suitable for children under 6 years of age.

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Ariel - englische Kollektion

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